Huseljić, Katharina (2019, Dezember). Physical Attractiveness and Relationship Stability. An empirical analysis of divorce risk in the context of structural gender differences. Presentation for a conference for the anthology „Physical Attractiveness and Social Inequality“ (13. Dezember 2019, Düsseldorf)

Huseljić, Katharina (2019, October). Citizen Participation, Legitimacy Beliefs and Sustainable Mobility. Presentation for the UN Habitat funded Research Group Urban Change Maker Group at Wuppertal Institute (25. Oktober 2019, Berlin)

Huseljić, Katharina (2019, September). Citizen Participation and Legitimacy Beliefs. Presentation for the PhD Workshop “Paving Ways” of the Research Group DYNAMO (Mobility-Energy-Dynamics) (23. September 2019, Stuttgart)