Katharina Huseljić

Foto: Tilman Schenk

I am a research associate from the research group CIMT (citizen involvement in mobility transitions). In my dissertation I am concerned with influences of participation on legitimacy beliefs. I thereby focus on the role of descriptive and substantive representation keeping in mind differing mobility requirements in society.


E-Mail katharina.huseljic@hhu.de
Phone +49 211 81 14641
Twitter KHuseljić

I studied Social Sciences at the University of Düsseldorf and Sociology and Social Research at the University of Cologne from 2012 until 2019. During my studies I worked at the institute of Social Sciences at the University of Düsseldorf and the GESIS Leibniz Institut for the Social Sciences in Cologne.

During my Master’s Thesis I worked on questions of gender role attitudes, reproductive work and relationship stability. My methodological focus was thereby on the analysis of event history data and multi group comparison in structural equation modelling.

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